Luretta D.O.P. being an authentic Italian Deli and Grocery shop, offers you all the good Italian products take-away to enjoy them in the comfort of your house. Cares and attentions for details like the use of ONLY directly imported products from specific areas, where the good comes from and gets denominations of original product of Italy, the use of an Italian brand slicer to slice perfectly ham, salami and salumi, the vacuum machine to let you store them properly in your fridge and preserve the taste; those are only few details of our take-away service which aims to make your Italian house experience as a Chef-for-a-day easy, tasty and succesful!




San Daniele 18 Months

Prosciutto di San Daniele, from northen Italy, Friuli, is natural… because it is made only with meat from Italian pigs, sea salt and the fresh air from Alps and the Adriatic sea just right in the city of San Daniele. Natural, free from additives and preservatives, nutritious and easy to digest. The secret to San Daniele is that it contains very little fat and all the “good” monounsaturated fats so is perfect for anyone!

The sweet taste of Prosciutto San Daniele is suitable matched with melon, Gorgonzola cheese, gressini bread or with grilled vegetables.

RM 26.50+ / 100gr



Parma 14 Months

Prosciutto crudo is a dry-cured ham that is deep red in color and has a distinctive salty, gamey taste. Prosciutto is aged for 14 months.

Suitable to stuff your sandwich or panino along with the fresh taste of tomatoes, salad and cheese.

RM 18.90+ / 100gr


Prosciutto Parma 24 Months

Prosciutto di Parma has always been 100% natural, containing no additives, preservatives or hormones. Aged twice as long as many other prosciuttos, Prosciutto di Parma creates a depth of flavor. There’s no prosciutto with the same delicate, savory-sweet taste and buttery texture.

Never ask for the fat to be removed. It boasts 50% of its distinct flavor.

Try it with melon, avocado or figs, on top of your pizza or bruschetta. The best for antipasti, with mozzarella, burrata and squacquerone.

RM 29.80+ / 100gr


Prosciutto Cotto ( Honey ham)

Literally meaning “cooked ham,” Prosciutto Cotto is the Italian favourite salume for every generation. It is cooked slowly, featuring a lower sodium content and more complex, delicate flavor with aromatic spices, and is excellent to stuff sandwiches.

Try it in cubes to prepare your creamy pasta with Prosciutto cotto, green peas and Grana Padano cheese.

RM 13.50+ / 100gr